Banging New Music: Panel Beater by Ceejayskinny Ft DonCarta & Enigma (Prod by Elmore)


Much anticipated and much awaited song by Ceejayskinny has dropped. This song titled Panel Beater produced by producer extraordinaire El’more features ANSU’s finest Doncarta together with Nigeria’s finest lyricist in the game “Enigma”…

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Breaking: Ansu cancels 2015/2016 Post utme, Admission Strictly On Jamb Score!!!


Ansu’s 2015/2016 admission process this year seems to be taking an entirely new turn. First it was the 11th hour call for purchase of the post utme forms, then it was the pre-post utme eligibility registration. Now as if that is not enough, news reaching us from reliable sources has it that there won’t be any post ume at all this year.

According to what we hear (tentatively) admission this year will be strictly based on prospective applicants jamb score (and any other pre-requisite the school management deems fit)….

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Long Awaited: Ansu’s 2015/2016 Post Ume Forms Now On Sale, Read This!!!


The very much awaited Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (formerly known as Anambra State University) 2015/2016 post utme forms are now on sales. Prospective students who chose Anambra State University as their choice of school can now purchase their forms in Fidelity Bank located in the school premises. There is a slight change in this year’s application process, so kindly read the follow instructions carefully in order to make your application valid

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WTF Love Or Conji: 300L Ansu Guy Proposes Marriage To His Long Time Gf In Public, See Photos Here!!!


How romantic!!! These photos almost brought tears to my eyes, (lol.. ok just kidding). As ridiculous as it may sound, this 300L guy of Theartre Art proposed marriage to his gf amidst his friends. I reserve all my comments. See the touching photos after the cut.

And oh by the way, she said a big Yes to the proposal, seriously who wouldn’t :-)….

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Can Y’all Stop The Rumours Now: Newly Crowned Mr Lawsa Releases New Photos With Bae, See Pic Here!!!


Lots of rumours have already started flooding in as regards the newly crowned Mr Lawsa 2015, some say there is something about his looks…something about his posture, something about his mannerisms that screams homo effeminate. Well new photos just reached us showing Mr Lawsa cozying up with someone who apparently seems to be bae :-). So well I guess y’all can stop the rumours now….see photos after the cut

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All You Missed At Lawsa Night: Fashionistas + Head Turners + Mr & Miss Lawsa Pageant!!!

Newly c

Meet your new Mr & Miss Lawsa 2015


The very much talked about and controversial Lawsa dinner night 2015 has come and gone. If you missed it, no need to worry, here are all the memorable moments from the event we wont forget in a hUrry…from the fashionistas too the miss lawsa pageant et al. We purposely left out the worst dressed on the night for later, sow watch out!!! …

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BUSTED: Runtown Puts Unizik Students & Its SUG On Blast!!!

How embarrassing!!! Naija hip hop star Runtown has once again gone a step further to put Unizik students and its entire SUG on blast for using his picture and promising its students that He (Runtown) will be frontlining their 2015 SUG night which was scheduled to hold on 4th July, 2015, lol. Well apparently Runtown claimed he was never contacted and was surprised when he started receiving tweets from unizik students.

This is what Runtown had to say ,

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SNITCHING: 300L Public Admin Student Chuboy Ogbonna Shot Dead Yesterday, Read Details Here!

<a href=""&gt;PicStory-2015-06-21-22-35-10This is some really scary first hand info from our very reliable source:

So yesterday Saturday 20th June, 2015. Chuboy was in Ogidi his home, when he received a phone call from a friend asking if they could hang out. Apparently this friend was someone well known and trusted by Chuboy….

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New Music, Lyrical Wordplay At Its Best, “Maka ChUkwu” By DonCarta, Download Here!!!


New music from DonCarta, it was premiered last night for the first time ever at Dance O’Clock season 2.

DonCarta seems to be currently at the top of his game. And has once again cemented his name as the king of rap in eastern nigeria. The track is titled maka chukwu. Its a track majorly showcasing wordplay and his lyrical prowess,

Even if you’ve never been a fan of DonCarta I bet you’re bound to fall in love with him after this. Trust me, Enjoy!!!

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Breaking: Mr Best & Goldnet Slammed With A Four(4) Page Law Suit!!!


Mr Best seems to have found himself in troubled waters yet again, as earlier today Mr Best & Goldnet were both served with a four(4) page law suit duly and properly filed in court with suit no 2015/SUG/HC/002, The law suit is filed by one Mr Chukwubuikem Obianyo. The four(4) page law suit includes a “writ of summons” mandating the defendants (Mr Best & Goldnet) to appear in court within the next 48hours starting from time the writ of summon was served.

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Ladies Get In Here: Newly Crowned Mr ANSU 2015 Releases Eye Candy Photos Strictly For The Ladies!!!

Camera 360

Meet Enujekwute Odera Promise newly crowned Mr ANSU 2015 and erstwhile Mr Psychology, who stands at a towering 6ft 4inch.

For all the girls onyinye and co who have been yearning and disturbing me on my bbm to have clearer pictures of the current Mr ANSU well this for y’all. We decided to dig up on some of Promise’s (Mr ANSU) most recent photos……

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New Music: “DonJazzy Freestyle” By The Legenary Eblaze Drops To Mark His Bday, Download Here!!!


Today Ansu’s legendary Eblaze, TWC founder and owner of St Tessy clothing turned plus one, and to make his bday, Eblaze drops this very special joint for all his fans. The song is titled “DonJazzy Freestyle” and it was officially premiered for first time ever at the just concluded ANSU’s 2015 SUG Night.

For those of you who missed the night this is another opportunity to cup this fresh joint.
Download, Enjoy & Share, promise you won’t regret it!!!

Download Here

Still On The SUG Night: Top10 Fashionistas On The Night


Still on the SUG night we bring to you our Top 10 fashionistas whose outfit and swag on the redcarpet was absolutely second to none and ofcourse had everyone staring all through the night. This list is not necessarily based on who wore the best dress but rather based on people who had the charisma, confidence, swag and persona to pull off such outfit.

In addition we also put into consideration sophistication, creativity, comportment on the redcarpet, colour matching, poise and ofcourse a considerable reputation for fashion style prior to the night.
NB: Please note you don’t have to agree with this list, #Thankyouverymuch….

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Meet Your New Mr & Miss ANSU 2015: All You Missed At Ansu’s 2015 SUG Pageant!!!


The 2015 SUG night has eventually come and gone, and personally inasmuch as I choose to reserve all comments as to how the night went, nonetheless I’ll like to say the Mr & Miss ANSU pageant was definitely the most interestng part of the night. After a keenly contested pageant Precious Okeke from the department of Economics, 200l emerged the winner of Miss Ansu 2015 while 300l Enujekwute Odera Promise (Mr Psychology) is now officially the new Mr Ansu 2015.

As opposed to other years, this year’s ANSU contestants should all be very proud of themselves as they all put up a very good show on the night. Congrats to everyone, because to me they were all winners.
See all the exclusive photos from the night….

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Audition Results: Names Of Artiste To Perform At ANSU 2015 SUG Night Along Side Lil Kesh !!!

Auditions were held yesterday at LaChez for Ansu performing artistes who felt they had what it takes to perform at the biggest stage in ANSU , The SUG night.

The following artiste impressed the panel of judges and have thus been selected strictly based on merit. These artiste will be privileged to perform and share the same stage with the likes of Lil Kesh, Zoroswag, Splash, Thiote and many more come saturday…

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SAD News: Gerald Has Been Confirmed Dead This Morning, Photo Of Gerald Here!

Still on the “Mystery death” story that rocked Ansu yesterday and has turned every student into private investigators.

Sad news has just reached us this morning that Gerald the 200l pub admin guy involved in the incidence yesterday has been confirmed DEAD this morning.

Apparently now it’ll be much harder to know the true situation of what took place in that room.
Click here incase you missed the story

What a world

Photos Of Kelechi, The ANSU Girl Who Died Earlier Today!!!

The picture above is that of Kelechi Miriam Sonia Okonkwo popularly called Kelly by her friends, she was in 200l Entrepreneur Dept.

While the guy’s name is Gerald 200l Pub Admin.

As we speak Gerald is still unconscious in the hospital, So before you go bed tonight, let’s spare a prayer for Mirian and also pray for the speedy & divine recovery of Gerald.

Sleep tight y’all & cover yourself with blood of Jesus NOT blanket. See another pic after the cut….

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Breaking News: Mystery Death Rocks ANSU, Read Full Gist + Pics (Viewer Discretion Strongly Adviced)

Ok just few minutes ago two people (a boy and a girl) apparently ANSU students were found lifeless in their room in Diamond Lodge (Back of Gift lodge, opposite Chidinma Lodge Igbariam campus).

As at the time of report The guy is still breathing but appears lifeless and has been rushed to the hospital with an ambulance with the company of the Nigerian Police…while the girl on the other hand has been pronounced DEAD….

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I Present To You “Chidinma Okonkwo” (100l Mass Comm): Your New Most Beautiful Girl In ANSU, See All The Photos Here!!!

The Maiden edition of The Most Beautiful Girl In ANSU put together by Jollifcation Entertainment held yesterday. Due to the sheer determination by the organizers and contestants the event till held successfully nonetheless despite the unfortunate heavy down pour which lasted all through the night.

Its also worthy to note that the organizer crowned four (4) queens last night. So aside from the winner of MBGA 2015, the following four (4) contestants won crowns on the night, and there are as follows:

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HURRY: Mr & Miss ANSU 2015 Pageant Forms Now On Sale, Grab Your Forms Now!!!

Have you ever fancied being the Most desired and sought after personality on campus?

Do you ever dream of all the VVIP and first class treatment that goes with Mr & Miss ANSU office?
Well this is moment you’ve all been waiting, turn those dreams and ambitions into reality. Who knows you just might be the next Mr or Miss ANSU 2015

The mother of all pageants is here again, Its time for the ever prestigious Mr & Miss ANSU 2015 Pageant, organized by the Office Of The Director Of Social SUG, Anambra State University.

This year’s edition of Mr & Miss Ansu 2015 is going to be uniquely different for so many reasons, first of all this time around the first runner up…….

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Save The Dates: ANSU’s SUG Week Dates Finally Fixed, See Schedule Of Activities Here!!!

ANSU SUG week is set to kick off real soon

Lots of rumours been circulating around campus about the actual dates for the SUG Week/Night. Well following the recent swearing-in of ANSU’s newly elected executives last friday, The school authorities of Anambra State Universty have officially fixed the dates for its SUG week and have also laid out the schedule of activities to take place during the SUG week.

So suffice to say, this new dates have put paid to rumours about SUG week kicking off tomorrow.

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All Is Now Set For The Grand Finale Of “The Hunt”: Final Audition Result Is Out, Check Your Name Here!!!


Yes finally the stage is now set for an epic grand finale for ANSU’s No1 Talent hunt show “The Hunt” scheduled to hold on the 12th of June .

Its been three (3) grueling days of Auditions, and todays auditions officially marks the end of the audition process. The organizers of the show will like to take a minute to express their profound gratitude to everyone who participated in making these audition a success, The Judges and all the contestants for putting up a good show, It indeed hasn’t been easy.

Just like every audition process not everyone made it through to the final stage.

The following people have impressed the organizers and have passed the strict criteria set by panel of judges, and therefore have made it through to the Grand Finale of The Hunt Talent Show. ………

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Day2: “The Hunt” Talent Hunt Show Results Out, Check Your Name Here!!!!

The Hunt+AnsuEncore

Auditions were held today at LaChez Intercontinental for ANSU’s No1 Talent Hunt Show, The Hunt , which features aspiring superstars coming to showcase their various talents in the following categories…Dance, Singing, Acting, Rap & Comedy.

After a painstaking audition today, with well over 30 participants coming to audition, The Judges have finally made their decision, We’ll like to congratulate the following contestants for making it through to the the next stage.

NB: Pls if you dont see your name here, its not the end of the world, it doesnt mean you not good enough, it just means you werent exactly what the judges were looking for on the night, Goodluck!!! Click your category to check your name

Singing Category
Acting Category
Comedy Category
Rap Category
Dance Category

Music Premiere: Franknero’s “Love Ya” Download Here!!!!


In barely a year of breaking into the industry, Franknero has indeed proven that he is isn’t just your regular “ansu-artist”. With already two major hits to his credit (which are also his ONLY two singles officially out) The first hit single being “Notice” and the second one “I Like Am So” (which made our list of one of the most downloaded songs of all time) Franknero has definitely moved way above competition.

Well this is officially Franknero 3rd and newest work titled “Love Ya” and I’m sure its something that is sure to get you up your feet too.

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New Music: 411 Records Ft Stormz, Bobbyillz & Legendary Eblaze – “Category”, Download Here!!!


Jam so hot, three (3) of ANSU’s finest of ALL time had re-unite and jump on this one.

This is the newest and very much anticipated single from the stables of 411 Records, for those who don’t already know 411 Records is one of the fastest rising Labels in Eastern Nigeria that is steadily making its mark for churning out quality music using some of the rawest talents.

This track features a very interesting array of artists.
On this track we have 3 artists….

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ANSU MOURNS: 400L Student Of Political Science, Chukwudi Is Dead!!!


For those of you who haven’t heard, ANSU has been thrown into mourning…yet again, this time around its a 400L Student of Politcal Science, name: Chukwudi but was popularly known as “General” by friends, Apparently he lived in “Amanda” lodge somewhere in Ukwulu.

General was said to have died on the 14th of May, 2015 in ghastly accident. Up until his death he was a very fun loving person.

We pray his gentle soul rests in perfect peace, Amen!!! See another of his photo after the cut

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Dance O’ Clock Season2 Forms Selling Out Like Wild Fire, Get Yours Now!!!


Finally Your No1 And Most Anticipated Dance Show Is Here Again! Its Dance O’Clock SEASON2!!!

Are you a Dancer? Do you have the Skillz??
You got Crazy moves You wanna Showcase?
Can you really Bring-It-On To The Big Stage???

And most importantly Do you have the Swag & Persona to be the crowned The No1 Dance Queen/King of “Dance O’Clock Season II”????

If yes? This is the Show you’ve been waiting For…Hurry Now & Grab Your Forms For Dance O’Clock Season2…..

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PHOTOS: Top 5 Most Trending And Talked About ANSU Chics Last Semester!!!


There are chics and there’re chiiiiiics, Apparently there some ANSU chics who just cant seem to stay out of the news (not necessarily for the wrong reasons though) if you are in ANSU I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I’m talking about. So whether for the good reasons or bad reasons, THIS LIST IS THE TRUTH!!! This is one list I found very interesting.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the list of ANSU’s most talked about students on campus, Enjoy!!!

List Compiled By NetBerry Loveyard

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