Aaaaah Shoki: Lil Kesh, Bob Manuel Udoku, Gozie Okeke Set To Storm ANSU 2015 SUG Week, Legooo!!!

This seems to be very good for me and I’m sure for every student of ANSU.

I can now authoritatively tell you all that Nigeria’s A-list Hip Hop Star Lil-Kesh aka Baba Shoki aka Skibo master aka I-am-not-weeeeeell,lol (who obviously needs no introduction) will be…

the celebrity artist gracing ANSU’s 2015 SUG night, sharing stage along side ZoroSwag and Mayfest and ofcourse our very own celebs.

Lil kesh is slated to perform both in Igbariam and Uli Campus.

Furthermore I can authoritatively tell you that the current DOS (in the person of DonCarta) along side
President elect Hon Ije Felix have been working tirelessly day and night and are leaving no stone unturn in ensuring Lil Kesh eventually comes for the SUG night. They have promised that this SUG night/week will becomes a night to forever remember in the minds of all students of ANSU.

Currently D1 tenure still holds the award for hosting one of the best SUG night ever. But with the looks of things, I’m pretty optimistic that this present tenure of DonCarta will beat that.

These are the schedule of activities for the SUG week incase you forgot.

Wednesday: Seminar with Nollywood veteran Bob Manuel
Later on Wednesday Night: Praize Night with Gozie Okeke
Thursday: Rag Day
Friday: Old School Day/Jean Carnival Night
Saturday: Cultural Day/Students Awards Night
Sunday: Thanks Giving/SUG Dinner


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