Please Dont Try This At Home: Worst Dressed On SUG Night


Just as we have the best dressed so also do we have those who were found wanting by our fashion police. Actually we thought of doing a Top10 and later decided to break it down to just a few.

NB: Please dont take this too serious

PicStory-2015-06-07-22-34-45 My problem with this outfit is that I feel its just too scanty to be worn by any other. its bad enough the top already shows her belly but the miniskirt with that already short top is what our fashion police cant take. Please we’ll like to see more clothes on that body incase of next time. #Thankyouverymuch

Flaaw Theres a very thin line between a good dress and a not so good dress. The finishing and the attention to details is everything when it comes to fashion. And this certainly wasnt the case in this dress. The jumpsuit obviously doesnt fit properly and I have a problem with the slipers thingy. Anyway sorry but you made our list.

Flaaw1The reason why i’m putting this on the list just becaause I feel this outfit looks rather tacky and cheap. Might be wrong away

Seriously I have no regrets putting Chinazaa former Miss Ansu on this list because she totally caused this for herself, Think its high time her carefree attitude be addressed. Considering the occassion and knwoing fully well she was going to be the centre of attraction i cant just begin to fathom in my wildest dreams why she choose this look. From the make up (if theres any) to the outfit to snickers not just to a redcarpet but for a beauty queen handover ceremony is a totally unforgiven sin and an abominable fashion fauz pas. Dont know too much about fashion but atleast investing & putting in a little effort in her appearance on a gracious night like the SUG night wouldnt have been far from great.


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