Must Read: Open Letter To DonCarta About The Just Concluded SUG Night, Do you Agree???

I received this email, which was more like an open letter written by an anonymous reader to DonCarta about the just concluded SUG night. I think it was well written and basically a nice read, so I decided to publish. Technically I’m not allowed to have an opinion, so can’t say much but Do you Agree??? Please Read below ….

“The show fell short the expectations of many COOUites. Very low against the hype from the Office of the DOS SUG via ANSUENCORE…. Zoro is now LIL KESH, hahahaha. I bet if Doncarta’s hit track+ Ace Kid’s O’mpa + Oma Kay’s(ANSU NICKI) song was performed on that mal-decorated stage, the Students would have been more entertained (Compare last year fans reaction during performance)

Baby Blinks and his co-Anchor deserves credit for how they kept us Engaged with those IQ questions. Those questions killed the show… Hope you ‘Literary come from NYSC to anchor next year’s night, and probably Win your birthright (ANSU best dancer.) hohohohohoboho, laughing in Greece.

That reminds me, were those awards really appealing to the conscience of the Students? Hell no! Most influential student, yet arcane – known by only a few(probably our SUG Presido who promised us transparency during his campaigns) ; obscurity has now become the criteria for being influential, what exactly did he do to merit it? this makes me laugh, hahahaha. Music Icon of the year, No single.

Dani-Posh deserves the politician of the year for his role in Felix’s victory at the poll. The awardee’s were the highest bidder, I guess.

Joke of the night: Who noticed Ijeh Felix’s dodged steps during the little fracas that put every one on red alert. He would definitely defeat Mr. Bolt in a 100 metres race. That guy up on the gallery, is a joke. Can’t stop laughing remembering the ‘away’ shouts for MC Buruku (forgive my writing your name in small letter, but I support those chants.)

Those judges were very conscious of transparency. Nice Job. (Though the Masked contestant should have been forgive, atleast for that entertainment, remembered AFIA – OLU ORAIFITE in retrospect.) my unsolicited opinion though.


29 thoughts on “Must Read: Open Letter To DonCarta About The Just Concluded SUG Night, Do you Agree???

  1. Nonny says:

    Nice Letter.. Tot I was d only one dat saw dat trash (the award), I mean how one earth can Dennis be d MC of d year? Wen we Zico and co…. And the d so much of it all is Dj Zest being d best Dj… hohohohoho.
    I Have heard so much of Dj Ohanz and am so so happy to see @ d SUG nite. Thumbs Up

  2. Cyndie says:

    Felt for him thou @Dj ohanz.. You re the best… no dispute

  3. Vera says:

    I think dat Doncata is a Fool. Yes, most of dos awards explained abt him being a FOOL

  4. Vera says:

    Thumbs up for encore thou…. your Award? Wel deserved

  5. Valentine says:

    The guy on the Video was great

  6. Anonymous says:

    Score for doncarta’s sug nite bY an ansuencore reader- while I was going home I heard people grumble and say this is the worst s.u.g nite. But let’s be frank if carta did not win what would have happened this is a d.o.s that was voted second semester and was still expected 2 perform magic which he did checking d short time frame between his election and s.u.g nite after all, all the other d.0.s b4 his time where given time as they all won their election in the first semester but doncarta shocked us as he still used his connect to bring zoro atleast so his will not b like the last when we saw only ansu artiste imagine if it was some one else may be the little man will have such power hmmmm food for thought. Before we judge let’s remember carta is human and out our self in shoes. If we are fair we will see he tried and did perform miracles blame the non arrival of lilkesh on the school as their tiny funds and time of release was not fair on the student and those who wanted to fall his hand by using text and bomb threats you failed some of us are humans and we recognise that the young man tried if you are human you will read this critically before commenting thank you. From a concerned ansu encore reader

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is Best.

  8. bumbae says:

    Worst sug nite ever, u f**king bastards robbed mr eco off the mr ansu crown, wen we all knw d best part of ur pathetic nite were his displays. And for d masquerade display, dat was jst epic. I hate ansu *tears*

  9. Ijeoma Nwabueze says:

    Carta’s pa, u must b d most stupidest person 4writing dat comments, cheap fools, keep selling ur conscience 4 peanuts.

  10. alexia says:

    Lmfao @ije felix drama that nite, that guy can act drama sha, lol. That was my best part of the night

  11. Anonymous says:

    Most of those award wia bought with money…….. My friend had to pay ten thousand naira (10000naira) for his award) of which dat was insanity

  12. Anonymous says:

    Did anybody saw dat hug(Zoro and dj Ohanz)? dats d respect I know very dat Ohanz has. #DjOhanzWasRobbed

  13. Ejike says:

    Why do I have a feeling that this is Dan posh n his cohorts

  14. emmy says:

    somebody should pls tell Mr best to leave Doncarta alone. BTW, Denis was given the Best Corporate mc of the year and the last time I checked, mc zico, buluku and co are all comedians…Dj Ohanz is a graduate, those awards were meant for students…think before u post!

  15. sweetest babay says:

    D empty vessels they say make the most noise…all this people making noise about Dos sug nite are nothing but fools…Doncarta is the best dos ever…during bigis time 350 was given at a long period of time…with all the sponsors but CARTA was given just 250 a nyt to sug nite with no time to look for sponsors…the evil ones work wit cultist to spoil cartas nyt just because he is not a cultist…but Gods hand is upon d young Boi…he is a miracle child right from the day he show his interests abt office of DOS knowing evil Mr best is fighting both spiritual and physical…God has been with him and nobody can be against him….so I advise u all should get a life and stop gossiping…Mr best i advise u stop killing ur self over ur own (chi)gods…blc u are not Doncarta and can never be…stupid losers

  16. Akpors says:

    people Dont think at all…is not yet clear to all of u wasting ur time about Doncarta that God hands is upon him…losers never get a chance to progress blc they keep finding fault about d blessed one not having time themselves…. Mr Best if I were u I do change school..blc have noticed u swear not to have peace of mind over cartas progress and is making u shorter…hohohohoho…lmao

  17. Sommy says:

    Videos like bizzy body and ekwe surprized me at d SUG night. It created a fun atmosphere for me thou dia Wia avoidable errors form Doncata n the SUG

  18. sexy says:

    I just laff……..cata cata. best best …… u wey no want person progress no go c progress ….. no doubt cata z blessed ……..who z blinks self? well if u pole say z her birth right she deserves it den…… if Denis z d best corporate mc den he deserves it cz I HV nva seen any oda fluent person for DAT………if cata was given 250k a day tto sug bite n he calls a guess artist den he deserves a hand shake ………. if I cud remember DAT nite I saw Mr flexy ,kill it and Mr best together laff and saying smtin …… I tot mr flexy n kill it were good frds to cata…….now I kW dey r evil…… cata u better b wise n kW ur true frds ……….. Mr best if u go on like dis u will will loose……… am just saying let’s b wise…….

  19. lady rose says:

    Really I don’t care much about u guys stupid polctics u playing in ansu, but from a neutral point of view I tink some of d commenters here are unfair, highly unreasonable and abit too harsh on doncarta, I attended the night (actually my 1st nite I’ve ever attended in Ansu). I knw it wasnt d best but d way some of u wnt to crucify ds poor boi called doncarta jst cos of ordinary sug nite makes me smell a rat somewhere. If actually u are a neutral person, I don’t see why u’ll be carrying anoda person mata on ur head. Anyway I’m jst sayng, bye guys

  20. nenye says:

    rose u hav notin to say..carta is a looser

  21. Legit says:

    Ansu people neva seize to amaze me, biggie tenure last year gave out almost 30something awards to people we all knew neva deservd it yet noone talkd, not to talk of other regimes, so y r pple killing urself for doncarta awards, really d awards weren’t d best but at d same time it wasn’t the worst, so everyone here shud jst chill, dis are some of d reasons dat even makes d whole issue seem like a political biase against doncarta’s govt.

  22. storm says:

    Mr best I know u are d cause of all these….and is u sending this post…u are number one losers in this Ansu…u are a thief ,criminal,and black short devil….is now clear that u caused his accident thinking he will die just blc of sug post….u will die one day with ur juju if u no accept Christ….if any thing happen to Doncarta every body will hold u responsible…Demon

  23. maryann says:

    u pple should pls leave my boyfriend alone for me…he tried his best and even borrow money to make d nyt perfect…is never his fault that kesh did not come how on earth do u expect him to pay for kesh a nyt to d show wch is Saturday…zoro used his money to pay for flight and hostel bl4 d day…Mr Best I knw u hated Doncarta for personal reason best know to u…..but pls let him be…I beg u blc he Dont plan evil against u…love u all

  24. Ada says:

    Mr flexy….killit…..Mr Best ….why where u laughing outside when ur plans to scatter sub nyt was in progress…killit is CARTA that made u Ansu all stars cordinator after jolly best man was fighting u,if cata was DAT bad man u think he would have not stop Denis and Acekid wen they decree interest on d post….kilit it was best who called anticult for u and CARTA went with his friends to bell u when u cried for him on phone….Best u had agreement on supporting CARTA after flexy….flexy why can’t u tell ur self truth…just blc CARTA progress more than u guys that is d hate…think brodas everything does not end in sch…..there is another life after sch….tanx all

  25. cartoon boy says:

    nwanne!! abeg oh….no be me be the cause of mc buluku’s away for SUG night. he should not 4get the fact that I got an away from the crowd in my year 1 @ SUG night,and I blamed it on nobody but myself….so mc buluku should not put the blame on me for his away, rather he should blame it on his time wasted performance to the bored crowd.
    I rili don’t know y Mr best shud jubilate at certain flaws during d nite na God go judge best.


    Dear Mr anonymous, after having a thorough glance at the baseless piece of crap u put out in the name of an open letter i couldn’t help but wonder how/why God endowed one person with the stupidity of ten men. Shameless display of envy and hatred i must say!! *smh* tubaba sing for song say “if nobody talks about you,then you’re nobody”.
    Without mincing much words,it is said that “only he who wears the shoe knows where it itches”. Lil kesh this!! Lil kesh that!! N250,000 was released on friday evening(barely 24hrs before the SUG award night) and the DOS was expected to perform magic overnight when the 250k that was disbursed couldn’t even settle Zoro’s bills. Ever bothered asking how Doncarta was able to finance the whole show (payment of hall,rentals,decoration,Dj,projector,other equipments,etc) i bet u’re feeling stupid already. Honestly,Doncarta deserves a medal,If i were him i’d pocket the money, and forget about inviting any guest artiste. Retrospectively speaking,Doncarta is the only DOS that was given less than N300,000. Last year a reasonable amount of money was released but no guest artiste was invited,its so ironic and perplexing that no one pointed accusing fingers at the DOS. funny world!!
    Speaking of the whole bomb/stampede scenario,the crux of the matter is that the show still continued and no bomb! In conclusion,lets learn to spend more time planning our future than planning the downfall of others and to Mr anonymous try not to conceal your identity when next you put out an open letter. Its a freeworld afterall!! God bless us all.

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