Pic Of The Day: See Hustling, BKF Guys Have No Chills, Lol

Was in my lodge today, taking things easy, enjoying my lecture free day when I saw this, See “huzzle”, lol. NABAFS by the way stands for National Association of Banking And Finance Students. Seriously this can’t be right, this should atleast be a misdemeanor offence, lol.
See pic after the cut….





9 thoughts on “Pic Of The Day: See Hustling, BKF Guys Have No Chills, Lol

  1. chika (FACE OF ANSU) says:

    Lolzzz……now that’s serious.Anyway I still rep BANKING and FINANCE anyday,anywhere,anytime.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… keep up the hustle

  3. Kel-V says:

    Aboki self don dey gain admission into ANSU…..

  4. Nnamdi says:

    Na one hustling bkf guy sell him polo to anoda hustling guy

  5. vinkincin says:

    hmmm….d aboki has hope(potential bank staff). wishin him well dou

  6. maxy says:

    BKF una de upgrade this days,studying & practicing immediately.I hell una pass

  7. somtochukwu says:


  8. Brownsugar says:

    Hahahahahah!!!can’t stop lol!#strugglecontinues

  9. E-zzy says:

    Dt polo is outdated in bkf…

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