Breaking: Mr Best & Goldnet Slammed With A Four(4) Page Law Suit!!!


Mr Best seems to have found himself in troubled waters yet again, as earlier today Mr Best & Goldnet were both served with a four(4) page law suit duly and properly filed in court with suit no 2015/SUG/HC/002, The law suit is filed by one Mr Chukwubuikem Obianyo. The four(4) page law suit includes a “writ of summons” mandating the defendants (Mr Best & Goldnet) to appear in court within the next 48hours starting from time the writ of summon was served.

Amongst numerous claims by the plaintiff, The counsel to the plaintiff is basically suing Mr Best & Goldnet for breach of contract and subsequently suing for damages as a result of the continued change in date of “ANSU’s King Chef” show now scheduled to hold tomorrow organized by Mr Best & Goldent.

Attached herein is a transcribed copy of the law suit as written by counsels to the plaintiff. Read below

I must say I’m highly impressed by this, Ansu students seem not only to know their rights but also are exercising it when need be, standing ovation to this guy though





Statement Of Claims

1) I, Chukwubikem Obianyo the first son of the first son, a 300l student of the Law faculty Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam Campus.

2) That on the 25th day of May 2015, I saw a banner titled “ANSU King Chef” a programme originally scheduled to hold on the 4th day of June, 2015.

3) This content was meant to test the cooking ability of male students in the Student union, of which each interested student wll be representing his department or faculty as the case may be.

4) I picked interest in the contest because I know I will make the student of my faculty proud, so I called the defendant to inquire from him over the genuineness of the contest.

5) He made a representation that the contest is genuine and that the payment should be made to the second defendant.

6) On the 3rd day of June, 2015, I made the said payment of N2,000 to the second defendant and he gave me a form to fill for the contest, he told me that the contest had been postponed to the 11th day of June 2015.

7) The defendants represented the fact that we shall be called upon on the 8th day of June, 2015 to pick the dish to prepare, on the said postponed date of the event aforementioned. I traveled back to prepare for the contest but to my greatest bolt from the blue I waited but received no information to that effect.

8) The date of the event came and passed and after being frustrated, I called the first defendant asking the reason why he didn’t comply with the prior agreement, he said he was facing some challenges as regards organizing the event and promised again that the contest will now hold on the 16th day of June, 2015.

9) Having not being called upon to pick a dish before and the very morning of the said 16th day of June, I sent a text message to the first defendant, declaring my intention to withdraw from the said “ANSU King Chef” contest as well as the refund of money I paid for the registration of the aforementioned contest.

10) The first defendant replied that there is no such thing as the “Refund of Money” and his reasons were as follows:
a) That the company has been spending to see a successful contest
b) That there was a change in date as a result of the change in school calendar.
c) That the change in date was unavoidable and was communicated to all contestants, of which I did not receive any intel to that effect.

11) The clause that there was no such thing as the “Refund of Money” was an exclusion clause he never made mention of; even in the banner advertisement the said contest and on the purchase registration form.

Wherefore the plaintiff claims as follows:
1. A declaration that the said contest was fraudulent as such a medium to extort money from students.
2. Even if the said contest was genuine, a declaration that there has been a breach of contract.
3. The refund of the N2,000 I paid being the amount for the registration.
4. A special damage of N6,000 being the amount for the inconveniences it caused me in preparation for the said contest.

Counsel to the Plaintiff:
C.C Emejuo
V.C Ezeilo
D.O Okafor
M.C Ajaegbo


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