RIP Meek Mill: Drake + MeekMill Diss Track That Has Got The Whole Of Twitter Agog, Must Download!!


It has become obviously apparent that there are certain people in the music industry you dont want to mess with, and I think it now safe to say that Drake has officially entered such league of artists.
The entire hip hop communittee is currently going agog over these two rappers at the moment,…

Drake released a diss track couple of days ago which many people felt was a low blow on Meek mill, fans of Drake were all of over social media with funny memes of Drake’s diss track murdering Meek mill (Just incase you missed it click here). Well after what seemed like an eternity Meek Mill has come up with his own response to Drake Diss track, which personally we feel is far from impressive. Download Below!!!

You remember drake formerly had a thing with Nicki Minaj but now Meek mill and Nicki are now a couple.

Download Drake Diss

Meek mills Diss


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