AnsuEncore: For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself..again
MSQN TOP MODEL: My name is Miss Blessing Okapra from Umunze Anambra State.

AnsuEncore : So what department are you in?
MSQN TOP MODEL: Am a student of Anambra State University, Studying Accounting

AnsuEncore : So first of all we want to congratulate you on your award as MSQN TOP MODEL 2013


AnsuEncore: But really how do you do this? How do you keep getting all these beauty queen awards and crowns? Any secrets?
MSQN TOP MODEL 2013 : First Its God and I believe in myself and I know I have the confidence and charisma

AnsuEncore: So its not just about a pretty face?
MSQN TOP MODEL : Not all about the face

AnsuEncore: So tell us what the MSQN Experience was like?
MSQN TOP MODEL: Miss style queen nigeria beauty contest (MSQN) was so much fun, where you get to meet different girls representing different states, different culture and characters

Its was fun, you get to meet new people,go to new places,like chambers of commerce,orphanage,Play different games,wake up early,exercise,training and keeping to time
It was fun generally

AnsuEncore: What was the atmostphere like among you the contestants? Was it a friendly atmostphere or where you guys always fighting over Make-up kit and Lip Gloss???
MSQN TOP MODEL: Looool no it was very friendly, No fighting plus I had the opportunity of making new friends

AnsuEncore : So what was the selection process like, how did you get picked?
MSQN TOP MODEL: I went for the audition in lagos and I was lucky enough to scale through and I got the message that I qualified

AnsuEncore: So MSQN will rank as one of your biggest competition so far? Is that correct?

AnsuEncore: So what was the initial feeling like when you saw your other contestants, were you like “yesssssss I’m going to win” or were u scared? Be honest
MSQN TOP MODEL: I wasn’t scared I was confident in myself,because I believe everybody can not be a winner,no doubt the girls are fine but I just believed in myself

AnsuEncore: Ok so compare & Contrast MSQN competition with our Miss Nuasa Pageant..I’m talking about mainly in terms of organization
MSQN TOP MODEL: MSQN is a national pageant its bigger and known very well and have a very outstanding sponsors, so it really can not be compared.

AnsuEncore : Winning such an Award from a highly reputable brand like MSQN, We’re pretty sure the award also came with a brown envelope some very juicy package,so what did they give you?
MSQN TOP MODEL 2013: Hahahaha….ofcourse very good work deserves a reward….but not to be said because of security purpose….hahahahahaha

AnsuEncore: Hmmmm so levels have changed now,abi
Levels have to change….from grass to grace….hahahahaha

AnsuEncore: So I guess we should also be expecting some changes in your lifestyles too when skol resumes, Like some upgrading.
Yes ofcourse, have to limit somethings I do,where I go and all that

AnsuEncore: And some friends too, right?

MSQN TOP MODEL 2013: Yes I have to

AnsuEncore: So have you ever experienced any form of sexual harassment during any of these pageants?
MSQN TOP MODEL: No I have not and I don’t pray to

AnsuEncore: But if it happens what will you do?
And when I say sexual harassment,not necessarily having sex but it could be having to go out with the organizers of the pageant, inorder for you to win.

MSQN TOP MODEL: Noooo I haven’t, It can’t happen, I don’t like imagining things like that
AnsuEncore: Alright Then you must be lucky
MSQN TOP MODEL: Ya sure am always lucky….;) winks

AnsuEncore : So with all these Beauty Queen Awards and titles, how do we address you?
MSQN TOP MODEL: Hahahahahahaha
Simply call me “Her Majesty” er majesty

AnsuEncore: Her Majesty???

AnsuEncore: So Her Majesty Miss Blessing what advice do you…..
MSQN TOP MODEL: Its Her majesty Queen Blessing Okpara

AnsuEncore: Ok sorry my apologises, what advice will u like to give girls out there who want to go into beauty pageantry? Give us like 3 tips?

MSQN TOP MODEL : 1) You have to be confident in yourself
2) Believe in youself and be bold

3) And always smile

AnsuEncore: So there’s hope for “ugly” girls out there
MSQN TOP MODEL: To me I don’t believe anybody is ugly its all about packaging, Just depends on how you package yourself

AnsuEncore: We heard from very reliable sources that you’ll be throwing an exclusive-strictly-by-invitation party when school resumes. Who and who are invited ?
MSQN TOP MODEL: By God’s grace I should,and until then am yet to know people to invite

AnsuEcore : Hmmm… any venue yet?
MSQN TOP MODEL: No venue yet, You like party….hahahahahahahaha

AnsuEncore : Noooo…AnsuEncore team goes to parties strictly to Report not for the partying, well that’s usually the plan
MSQN: Lols…Yess

AnsuEncore : So any last words?
MSQN TOP MODEL: Always go for what you want and always do what pleases you,believe in yourself always.

AnsuEncore : Any Shoutouts???
MSQN TOP MODEL : First I want to thank God for everything and making it possible for me to be where I am today

My family,friends,love ones,well wishers,my fans,MSQN organizers(styles media + entertainment) and to ANSUENCORE….I LOVE YOU ALL

AnsuEncore : And finally, we can’t end this interview without asking you this…..
Is Miss Blessing currently Single or in a relationship?

MSQN TOP MODEL: I’m currently Single!

AnsuEncore: Alright its been a pleasure talking with you…as always
MSQN TOP MODEL: Lol Same here Thanks ansuencore for dis opportunity once again,Love you all bye


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